The Focus of This Course

How can you benefit from this course?

This course is designed to assist you in healing more fully from the traumas of infidelity by looking deeply into different areas affected by it. You will learn very practical tools that you can apply immediately in your life to restore self-confidence and inner peace. The chakra system is simply a framework to organize information that has the potential to transform your life.

Most likely you won’t heal at once. You won’t heal in the order of the chakras either. But if you want a peace of mind, you must heal each different part and recover from all of it. It will happen over time with adequate support, consistent effort and increased self-love. 

This material will bring clarity and awareness into a situation that can be confusing, perplexing and even messy. I believe that just knowing what to expect and where to look, can be of tremendous help. 

 Here is what to expect:

·     Recover from the brokenness, so you can expand and love more richly, and love our world

·     Re-connect with the worth and dignity within you

·     Re-claim your true confidence and a sense of Self, so you can stand in your true power

·     Restore trust in yourself, others and life itself, so you live with more peace inside

·     Clear everything that might stand in the way of having a relationship that meets your deepest human needs and keeps you happy

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