Welcome to Surviving Infidelity online course!

In this video I offer a brief introduction, so you know what to expect and how to benefit most from this course. This is a healing system built on a holistic approach. Knowing what's present in different energy centers in the body as they relate to infidelity will help you see what needs to shift within you.

This course is a map of what needs to get healed. Each week you will receive new information, a new workbook and a few short videos packed with valuable information that will help you heal. The materials are organized in the order in which energy flows through the human body. We are following the energy from the base up, rebuilding what got shattered by the traumatic experience of infidelity and broken heart. Any inner shift will support you in healing the rest.

This course is your path to empowerment, not just in your relationship but in all areas of your life.

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